Health Coaching

Ela Benducka Ania Stan
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The concept behind my health coaching programs is to work with your body and psyche to assist you build physical & mental strength, health and emotional balance.

You learn how to:

  • look after your body
  • become healthier
  • overcome fatigue and gain more energy
  • manage pain
  • manage stress and anxiety
  • use your mind in an effective way
  • be confident and competent to tackle inevitable challenges of life

As a result you have more energy, become healthier and empowered to create the life you want.

Some of the tools I use are:

  • body strengthening and movement
  • nutrition advice
  • healing and recovery advice
  • counselling
  • bodywork
  • relaxation techniques
  • breathing techniques 
  • assisting you in enhancing body – psyche connection

I create individually tailored and effective programs to take care of your body and psyche.

If you like to book an appointment or just get some more information call me or complete the form below and I’ll call you back!

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