Massage & Bodywork in Motion

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More than just a massage…
Bodywork in Motion adds movement to the therapy.

My combination of massage (relaxation and therapeutical), emotional psychology, and movement create a unique and potent approach to healing not only your body but the whole You.

How do our movement patterns (including sitting and standing) influence tension in the body? How do they influence ease in the body?

The patterns we create often cause a tremendous tension throughout our whole system.
They may also be causing pain or injuries so there is always the necessity of balancing the body locally as well as the overall posture.

I search for and identify motor control or soft tissue restrictions and where they may be coming from.

I blend together the concepts of tensegrity with elastic recoil for movement efficiency, emphasizing the mobility and flexibility of my clients.

Much like yoga, Bodywork in Motion promotes a soft sort of strength.
It helps to unravel the emotions behind your sitting, standing & walking patterns.

I assist you move freely and comfortably and move through life with ease.

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